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Raising the Ankh

We offer Mental, Racial, and Cultural Health Solution Services to address your challenges and needs whether experienced at home, school, job, or elsewhere. We provide services for youth and adults – individual, family, group, and community. We support you in creating and maintaining healthy behaviors, practices, relationships, and life-style. We also offer you support in confronting the source/cause of your issues and challenges. At Ankh Center we provide comprehensive Mental, Racial, and Cultural Health Solutions.
Contact Ankh Holistic Life Center for a free consultation: 971-216-9732.

Using the Life-Centered Paradigm

At Ankh Holistic Life Center (aka Ankh Center) we operate from a Life-Centered Paradigm. We ask the question: “Are your behaviors, practices, and relationships life-creating and life-sustaining?” Where they are (a state of health) we support you in developing and maintaining them; where they are not (a state of illness and dysfunction) we guide and support you in addressing and resolving them.

The Life-Centered Paradigm cultivates behaviors, practices and relationships that are ‘life-creating’ and ‘life-sustaining’. These relationships assure the health and well being of the individual, family, community, and society – mentally, spiritually, physically, socially, and economically.

Though our primary services are specific to African American / Black people, we provide Life-Centered Services for everyone. Our general knowledge and understanding of race, ethnicity, history, culture and their associated philosophies, behaviors, and practices allow us at Ankh Center to be effective in addressing specific needs of diverse people, groups, and communities.

Your ‘Cultural Way-Of-Life’ should work for you in creating, maintaining, and developing your health and wellness; it should work for you in cultivating and maintaining joy and happiness, stability and progress, abundance and prosperity.

If you are not living in the space of cultural-racial health and wellness, to get the help you need call or write us at Ankh Holistic Life Center:

Phone: 971-216-9732 | Email:

Ankh Holistic Life Center - 5257 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd - Suite 202-D, Portland OR 97211

Reports of African American Mental, Racial, and Cultural Health Disparities in Oregon

The Multnomah County Government of Oregon reports White Racism as a persistent cause in poor African American health and wellness:

Executive Summary of African American Health Disparities
p.2 "Oregon has been slow to dismantle overtly racist policies..."

Multnomah 2019 Race and Ethic Disparities Analysis
p.11 "On a one day snapshot of the entire jail population in Multnomah County on June 30, 2019, people of color were more likely than White adults to be incarcerated...we note that Black adults were 6.2 times more likely...than White adults to be incarcerated in jail on the one day count."

Multnomah 2014 Racial and Ethnic Disparities Report Card
P.22 "institutionalized racism has made it more difficult for local communities of color to engage in healthy behaviors, and to have access to health promoting public services, infrastructure, and living and working conditions."

In light of the above reports it is apparent and vitally important that African Americans seek and gain control of our Health and Wellness in all areas of our life; that failing to do so we will continue to be driven into poor health by White racism.

Heru-Ka Anu Presenting

Racism Trauma, Racism Pathology: Challenges In Peer Support - Heru-Ka Anu

Racism is a factor in the cause of mental illness and drug use, and in prohibiting treatment and recovery of Black People and other People of Color. This presentation identifies - in the treatment and recovery of Black People and other People of Color - the needs to address: 1) Racism Trauma – resulting from violent cultural imposition; 2) Racism Pathology – the actions of perpetuating racism – and 3) treating White racists pathology to neutralize and end racism.

Heru-Ka Anu made this presentation at the PeerPocalypse Conference (Salem OR) on May 21, 2019.

TutAnkhAmum Flyer White Racism Lecture Series Flyer

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